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Students taking this course will be introduced to a variety of career options in accounting. You will learn basic accounting concepts and record keeping procedures in this introduction to the generally accepted accounting principles used to analyze and record business transactions and communicate vital financial information to users. 

This course is a survey of the forces that shape business in America and overview of how American business responds. Topics include business ethics, business economics, forms of business organization, management functions, marketing procedures, business finance, and insurance considerations. This course is recommended for anyone pursuing a career in any type of business major or entering a career at any level in business. 

This course is essential for those who intend to pursue post- secondary education in any type of business major or enter a career at any level in business. Students will learn the skills necessary to apply marketing concepts in the real world.
Students will have the opportunity to develop and design their own products/services relating to the functions of marketing. Students will learn about the foundations and functions of marketing. The seven marketing functions will relate to how marketing is practically applied in the business world. Students will end the course by marketing their own product/service.