​​​​As an art one student you will start out your semester in units that will build up your art skills and build confidence about the art making process. These units are based on Artist Habits. After you complete the Artist Habits units, you will start themed projects. Themed Projects are projects where you are given a theme, a focus and a material list, and you will be given the opportunity to design a project that is important or meaningful to you (you get a lot of choice). These choice units will be more restrictive at first, giving you more and more freedom as we move through the course. These themed units will teach you how to operate as an independent artist, preparing you for art outside of the art classroom, and preparing you for Art 2, where you will have more freedom to create your own art portfolio. You will keep a digital portfolio where you record your progress, reflect on your work, keep inspirational images, and turn in evidence that you meet the learning goals of the course. Students will also be asked to exhibit work at the annual art show.