Grade: 9 Prerequisite: None 

The English 9 year long course addresses a number of areas including a focus on literary elements and genres, grammar, composition, reading strategies, and units including drama, mythology and novel units. All units are tied to the current MN and Common Core Standards, and assessments are based off of these standards. 

Resources are available, as well as updates of what's happening in class.  I will try to keep up to date with assignments and when they are due - hopefully by a weekly manner and update.  For longer projects, a possible or projected due date will be entered but may be changed due to extra time needed based on the progress of the class and student needs.  You may also use this as a communication tool, in case you have any questions for me.  In most cases, I will do my best to try and have what worksheets are available digitally attached in the unit as a resource for students and parents.

Assignment Make-up Policy/Absences:

Students who are absent are responsible for make-up work.  These students will have up to one week to complete assignments.  Students who miss class due to school-related activities are required to inform the teacher ahead of time and complete make-up work prior to absence.  If an assignment is due the day you will be gone due to a school-related activity, it is still due for you the same day – not the next (or it will be considered late).  You must turn it in before you leave, and it’s your responsibility to do so.  I will give a reminder to you if you come to see me when you are getting your homework/classwork for the day.  Remember, you need to pick up your work before you leave for a school-related event. Before school, between classes or at the beginning of the hour are ideal times to do this – not interrupting my classes would be nice. 

For any exams missed, the student must talk to the teacher to set up a time to complete the exam that was missed.  It cannot be done in class times.  They must be done before school or after school.  In some instances quizzes and tests can be made up during lunch with prior approval from the teacher (this is not a normal circumstance) since it requires extra preparation – the test/quiz will be made up in a different room.

Thank you! 

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