Grade: 9-10* Credit: .5
cannot register for the class if their 15th birthday is more than 5 months from last day of class. The last day for Semester 1 is January 16, 2015, the last day for Semester 2 is June 5, 2015.

There will be one quarter of DRIVERʼS EDUCATION: Students must attend all sessions to complete the course and be eligible to receive the blue card necessary to take the permit test. Any missed sessions must be made up the next time the course is offered. Any student causing discipline problems will be automatically dismissed from the class with no credit given for hours attended. Students must pass the final test with a score of 70% or better. On the last day of class, or they will have to retake the written test. There will be one quarter of KNOW YOUR CAR: Will cover the basics things that everyone should know about their car, what to look for when buying a car, what needs to be done to keep a car running, and maintenance and repairs the student can do themselves. *This course does NOT include behind the wheel training/hours. Students will have to enroll in that separately. Information will be available during class.