(CLC MATH 1478) College Credit: 5.0
Grade: 11-12 HS Credit Conversion: 1.25 Prerequisite: Calculus, and meet CLC course requirements.

Math 1478 is a second course in the Calculus of one variable. Topics include differentiation and integration of inverse trigonometric function and hyperbolic function. This course also includes slope fields and first order linear differential equations. Applications of integration will be used to calculate the area between curves, volume using the disk and shell method, arc length and surfaces of revolution, work, moments and centers of mass. It incorporates integration by parts, trigonometry integration, trigonometric substitution, partial fraction, indeterminate forms, Lʼhopitalʼs Rule and improper integrals. Math 1478 also works with Infinite series, p-series, test for convergence and divergence, Taylor Polynomials and the representation of functions by power series and applications of calculus to parametric and polar equations.