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    daily assignment

     monday, may 8th

    corrected the packet "the run"

    discussed question from "benjamin bannecker"

    persuasive writing 25 minutes, started first draft

    spelling pg 81

    tuesday, may 9th

    independent reading 30 minutes,

    started finding 2-3 facts to support their persuasive topic

    answered questions on "benjamin bannecker" 

    wednesday, may 10th

    read for 20 minutes, 

    found main ideas in a selected piece of reading and wrote a summary on the reading

    put their persuasive topics on computer

    filled out an outline on their persuasive writing topic

    thursday, may 4th

    spelling pg 78-80

    wrote another persuasive piece

    found 3 main ideas, and 3 supporting details for each, in their independent reading

    friday, may 5th

    read for 30 minutes

    completed the "the run" packet - due monday

    persuasive writing, picked their final topic and worked on first draft of

    • Topic

      reading questions

      why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears

      *  why did the night last so long?  what events led up to that?

      *  according to the folktale, why do mosquitoes buzz in people's ears?

      *  what do you think this story tells us about misunderstandings?

      *  what are 3 traits of a folktale

      and still the turtle watched questions:

      * what did the turtle mean to the Delaware people?

      *what happens to the turtle? how does it end up in the New York Botanical Garden?

      *the author describes the man who eventually found the turtle as someone who "saw beneath what first appeared." what do you think the author means by that?

      chato's kitchen questions:

      * what does Chato have in mind as he's preparing the dinner? what did you hear in the story that makes you think that?

      * what unexpected thing happens to Chato? how does that change his plan?

      life in the oceans questions:

      * what are some ways that life in the world's oceans is being threatened? what did you hear in the text that makes you think that?

      * what are some of the suggestions the author makes about ways to conserve the ocean environment?

      * why is it important for people to be concerned about the environment?

      * what are some things you can do to protect the environment?

      extreme sports questions:

      *  what is this article about?

      * why are extreme sports growing in popularity? what in the article tells you that?

      * why do you think the majority of extreme sports are in the Winter Olymipics?

      asian indian american questions:

      *  what did you find out about asian indian immigrants?? please give me at least 2.

      * why did people want to leave india and come to the u.s.a.?  what did you hear that makes you think that?

      *what are some ways that asian indian americans stay connected to their culture?

      questions for "whales"

      * what did you find out about the physical characteristics of whales?

      * how are whales different than fish?

      * how are whales like humans?

      * what is one question you have about whales?

      more questions on "whales"

      *  list 4 questions you have on whales.

      *  how are toothed whales different from baleen whales?

      *  the author tells us that right whales were once very common in the North Atlantic Ocean but are now quite rare.  what is the reason for this?

      more questions on "whales"

      * why does the author say the whales "once swam"?

      * the author tells us that some whatles used to swim over much broader areas of the ocean in the past and now are found only in smaller areas.  what are some reasons for this?

      * the author tells us about several ways people are working to save the whales.  what are some of those ways?

      * why is it important that people care about what happens to the whales?

      questions for "thank you ma'am"

      * what happens to roger in this story?  why doesn't he run when he has the chance?

      * what do you think the author means when he describes roger as "frail and willow wild"?  how is mrs. jones described in contrast?

      * who is the main character in the story? why?

      * what is the setting  (time and place) of the story?  what clues did you hear that told you that?

      *  how does thinking about the setting help us understand the character of roger?

      questions from "shells"

      * what do you know about Michael and Aunt Ester?  What happens between them?

      * what choices does each character make that affect what happens to them?

      * what is thge setting? how does Aunt Ester feel about the setting? how does michael feel about it?

      questions from "baseball saved us"

      * what is this story about?

      * why does the father decide that they need baseball in camp? what in the story makes you think that?

      * describe 2 characters in the story.

      more questions from "baseball saved us"

      *  in a few sentences, what is the plot of this story?  (beginning, middle, end)

      *  what happened to the boy when he played his first baseball game at the new school?  how was this game like the big game he played in camp?

      *  the title of the book is "baseball saved us".  what do you think the title means?  explain.

      questions from "encounter"

      * what is happening in the story? (beginning, middle, end)

      *  why do the boy's feelings about the strangers change? give reasons.

      questions from "PTA"

      *  what is the narrator talking about in this poem?

      *  how does the child feel about the mother at the beginning of the poem?  why does the child feel that way? explain.

      *  how does the child feel about the mother at the end of the poem?  why do the child's feelings change?  explain.

      questions from "as i grew older"

      *  what did you picture in your mind as you read the poem?  what in the poem made you picture that?

      *  what kind of dream do you think the narrator is describing?  what happens to the dream?  what in the poem makes you think that?

      *  the lines "and then the wall..... I am black."  what do you think these lines mean?  what does the wall stand for?  explain your thinking.

      questions from "red river"

      * what is the narrator describing in this poem?

      * what sights, sounds, smells, or feelings did you imagine when you heard the poem? what words helped you with this?

      * "the river wiggled/....stitching North Dakota and Minnesota together". what do you imagine when you read these lines?

      questions from "echoes down the rails"

      *  how do jami's feelings about her brother change from the beginning to the end of the story?

      *  what kind of person is jami?  what actions tell us about her personality?

      *  what similarities are there between kate shelley and jami?

      *  in what ways are you like jami?  in what ways are you different?

      *  when did you face and overcome a fear, as jami does in this story?

      *  how does jami show courage, and how have you shown courage in your life?

      questions from "train to somewhere"

      * what happens in the story (plot)?

      * what is the setting of the story (time and place)? why is it an important part of the story?

      * what do you think it might have been like to be marianne during the train ride to somewhere? explain.

      * what kind of person was miss randolph? what did you hear that makes you think that?

      questions from "volacano"

      *  what did you learn about mount st. helen's that surprised you?

      *  from march to may of 1980 there were a number of small explosions on the mountain.  how did these explosions change or affect the  mountain?

      *  what happened when mount st. helen's exploded on sunday, may 18, 1980?

      *  what was the sequence that led to the big blast?

      *  what was the effect of the blast on the forests?

      *  what were the effects of teh avalanche and ash?

      *  how did the mudflows affect the mountain and surrounding areas?

      *  what caused the eruption of mount st. helens? 

      questions from "hard at work" child labor

      *  why do you think the author might have chosen to include the stories of these 2 children in this larger story about the challenges of child labor?

      *  what information did you read in this story?  how is the information related to the larger story of the effects of child labor on children?

      *  how did the author weaving the story about people's experience into the larger story about child labor help you understand the whole story?

      *  what did you find out about child labor in ecuador and around the world?

      *  what are some of the reasons child labor is still happening in ecuador and other countries?

      *  according to the article, how might countries stop child labor?

      questions from "genetically-modified food"

      *  according to the article, how might genetic modification be beneficial?  what did you hear that makes you think so?

      * according to the article, why are people worried about our food being genetically modified?  what did you hear that make you think so?

      "wolves" questions"

      *  how does the author feel about the reintroduction of wolves into areas where they used to roam freely?

      *  what reasons does the author give to support the point of view taken in the article?

      *  did you find the author's arguement convincing?? why or why not?

      questions on "meltdown" answer any 5 of the 9

       * what are climatologists predicting might happen to Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets by the year 2050?  Why might these changes occur?

       * what are climatologists predicting might happen to one million species of plants and animals by the year 2050?  Why might these changes occur?

       * how does the greenhouse effect work to keep Earth’s temperatures stable enough to support life?

       * what happens when there are too many greenhouse gases trapped in Earth’s atmosphere

      * what effect does warmer ocean water have on global warming?

       * what are some of the effects of warmer ocean water on animals and sea life?

       * how does deforestation contribute to global warming?

       * According to the article, what are some of the reasons global warming is occurring?

       * What are some of the effects of global warming on the environment?

      questions on "rosie the riveter"

      * what did you find out about how Americans "made do with less" from this reading?

      * what are some important things we learned from Chapter 1 about what happened when America entered the war?

      * what did you find out about the effort to recruit women to the workforce in the part you just heard?

      * what did you find out about the discrimination that women and blacks often faced when they tried to get jobs?

      questions on "rosie the riveter"

      *  how was postwar propaganda different from the propaganda messages during the war?

      *  what did you find out about how women responded to postwar propaganda?

      *  what do you think "rosie's legacy" is, that is, what is her lasting effect n the lives of women in the United States?

      questions from "abdul"

      * what was the most surprising or interesting thing you learned about abdul?  why?

      * what were some of the challenges abdul and his family faced in leaving afghanistan and trying to find a new home?

      * what challenges did abdul face in the USA?  what in the book makes you think this?

      questions from "slower than the rest"

      *  how do you think leo changes over the course of the story?  explain your thinking.

      *  at the end of the story it says, "for the first time in a long time, leo felt fast". what do you think that means?

      • Topic

        writing questions

        writing topics questions: september 19

        * when did something strange or unusual happen to you?

        * who is an unusual person you know? what's unusual about him or her?

        * when did you feel really happy, really sad, or really afraid?

        writing question/sept. 30th

        *  how did you try to get your readers' attention with your intriguing 1st paragraph?

        *  how do you describe the setting in your writing?

        *  what descriptive changes did you add or change to your characters?

        *  please give me a list of some of the descriptive words you added to your piece:  ex.  cool, damp weather

        writing question/oct. 6th

        *  what is happening in each story?

        *  what's unusual about these stories?

        *  what is similar in how Barry Youngrau wrote "milk" and "journey"?

        writing questions/oct. 28th

        *  why did you choose this piece to revise

        *  what can you imagine changing/adding to your piece?

        *  why did your partner select his/her draft?

        *  what is intriguing to you about your partner's draft?

        writing questions/nov. 2nd

        *  what part of your partner's story do you like best?

        *  is there a confusing part to their story?  if so, why is it confusing?

        *  in their story, have your partner show you their:

        - "sounds" like section

        - "looks" like

        - "smells" or "tastes" like

        - "feels" like

        *  what is the setting (time and place) of their story?  is it described throughly?

        writing questions 11/18

        * what is happening in this story?

        * where is it happening?

        * what sounds to you hear?  what do you smell?

        * what do you see moving?  how is it moving?