Topic outline

  • General

    8th Grade English/Language Arts 

    Assignments for the Week

    April 17-21, 2017ctober 17-21


    Monday: No school-staff inservice

    Tuesday: Symbols research due-share.  Scene 4 of Anne Frank.

    Wednesday:  Scene 5 (finish Act I)-handout due tomorrow.

    Thursday: Review for Act I test.  Begin terms-research for Holocaust Speaker.

    Friday: Act I test.  Research terms due Monday.


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    Username:  19jdoe186 (graduation year, first name initial, last name, 186)

     Password:  Same as Skyward

    • Unit I

      Fiction and Nonfiction  

      Big Question:  Is the Truth the Same for Everyone?


      -Central Ideas

      -Making Predictions

      -Author's Purpose

      -Writing:  Description of a person

      • Unit II

        Short Stories   

        Big Question:  Can All Conflicts be Resolved?

        -Character and Plot


        -Compare and Contrast

        -Making Inferences

        -Writing Short Stories

        -Writing a Critical Review

        • Unit III

          Types of Nonfiction  

          Big Question:  How Much Information is Enough?

          -Point of View and Purpose

          -Organizational Structure

          -Word Choice and Tone

          -Main Idea

          -Fact and Opinion

          -Writing:  How-to Essay

          -Writing:  Editorial

        • Unit IV


          Big Question:  What is the Secret to Reaching Someone with Words?

          -Figurative and Connotative Language

          -Meaning and Tone

          -Context Clues



          -Writing a Problem-Solution Essay

          -Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

          • Unit V


            Big Question:  Is it Our Differences or Our Similarities That Matter Most?



            -Drawing Conclusions

            -Cause and Effect

            -Writing a Research Paper

            • Unit VI

              Themes in American Stories  

              Big Question:  Are Yesterday's Heroes Important Today?

              -Social and Cultural Context



              -Purpose for Reading

              -Figurative Language

              -Writing a Multi-media Report