• Mr. Grewe's 6th Grade Honors Language Arts

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      Daily Assignments

      monday, may 8th

      persuasive writing 35 minutes, started first draft

      spelling pg 81

      tuesday, may 9th

      started finding 2-3 facts to support their persuasive topic

      wednesday, may 10th

      put their persuasive topics on computer

      filled out an outline on their persuasive writing topic

      thursday, may 4th

      correct spelling pg 76

      spelling pg 78-80

      wrote another persuasive piece

      friday, may 5th

      persuasive writing, picked their final topic and worked on first draft of

      • Topic

        Writing Questions

        writing questions/sept. 12

        *  did you enjoy writing today? why?

        *  what did you like about your partner's piece?

        *  what questions could you ask her/him about their writing?  (need 2 questions)

        *  what did your partner describe well in his/her writing?

        writing topics questions: september 19th

        * when did something strange or unusual happen to you?

        * who is an unusual person you know? what's unusual about him or her?

        * when did you feel really happy, really sad, or really afraid?

        writing question/sept. 29th

        *  how did you try to get your readers' attention with your intriguing 1st paragraph?

        *  how do you describe the setting in your writing?

        *  what descriptive changes did you add or change to your characters?

        *  please give me a list of some of the descriptive words you added to your piece:  ex.  cool, damp weather

        writing question/oct. 5th

        *  what is happening in each story?

        *  what's unusual about these stories?

        *  what is similar in how Barry Youngrau wrote "milk" and "journey"?

        writing questions/oct. 27th

        *  why did you choose this piece to revise

        *  what can you imagine changing/adding to your piece?

        *  why did your partner select his/her draft?

        *  what is intriguing to you about your partner's draft?

        writing questions/nov. 2nd

        *  what part of your partner's story do you like best?

        *  is there a confusing part to their story?  if so, why is it confusing?

        *  in their story, have your partner show you their:

        - "sounds" like section

        - "looks" like

        - "smells" or "tastes" like

        - "feels" like

        *  what is the setting (time and place) of their story?  is it described throughly?

        writing questions 11/18

        * what is happening in this story?

        * where is it happening?

        * what sounds to you hear?  what do you smell?

        * what do you see moving?  how is it moving?

        writing questions 11/30

        *  why did you choose this (event/memory/thing) to write about?

        *  what else do you remember about it that you can add to the narrative?

        *  what words are you using to describe what you (saw/heard/smelled/tasted/felt)?