• Kindergarten

    Weeks of Oct 17-31, 2016 - Building Inquiry: How we Wonder

    This week are using the nursery rhyme "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to launch and investigation into what means to wonder.  

    We've practiced sharing things we wonder about.

    The library is a place where we can ask our questions and find the answers. The librarian can help us.

     Picture Book Cover of Star Stuff:Carl Sagan and the mysteries of the cosmosWe are also reading a true story about a young boy named Carl who like us, was full of wonder. He wondered what stars were made of. He grew up to become a space scientist who changed the world with his ideas. He shared the first photos from outer space with the world.   True stories that give us information and facts are nonfiction books. Our book's title this week  is "Star Stuff: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos" and its author is Stephanie Roth Sisson.  Next week we will investigate Carl's time capsule that was launched into outer space over 30 years ago.  We "wondered" just what is in it. We are about to find out!

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